Parking Lot after Sealcoating - San Diego, CA

Protect Your Pavement with Sealcoating in San Diego, CA

DIAMOND STRIPING SERVICES is one of the leading companies for sealcoating in San Diego, CA. We offer the highest value for the lowest cost for all of your asphalt maintenance needs. For just pennies per square foot, we can seal your asphalt so that it looks like new. This makeover for your asphalt equals aesthetic appeal that pays out huge dividends for your business or home. Sealcoating can increase the value of your entire property. Our sealcoating skills have been developed over the course of a decade, so you receive a top-notch job every time.

When you choose us, you can count on work that stands the dual tests of time and pressure. Our approach to sealcoating asphalt is all about value -- giving you more for your money both today and tomorrow. First and foremost, we use the latest equipment and techniques to ensure a picture-perfect finish and a surface that lends class, credibility, and utility to your property. Thanks to our experience with sealcoating and consistent attention to detail, we also make certain that our work can handle the elements and traffic you expect.

RVs Parked within Asphalt Striping - San Diego, CA

Custom Sealcoating

We use slurry seal to make your surface look great. Slurry seal is a type of sealcoating that is created by mixing an asphalt emulsion with finely crushed aggregate, which we then spread over the surface. This helps to protect the surfaces from premature failing and oxidation, which in turn maximizes the longevity of parking lots, roads, and streets. Once we have applied a fresh coat of rich, dark seal to your asphalt, contrasting asphalt striping and paint markings create a striking appearance. It is definitely a great combination.

Our team‘s goal is to support the success and beauty of your business's environment. A well-done seal coating job will do just that, and create a stunning look that shows that you care about your business's appearance and your patrons. With our friendly and knowledgeable staff, you can have this renovation performed at a great price and with expert skill. We understand that you are on a budget, and that is why we can get the job done at the best possible value.

Contact us for more information about our sealcoating services. We proudly serve San Diego, CA, and the surrounding areas.